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White Eyes Fresh Fry Bread

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Welcome to the NEW wefrybread.com

New year, new site! Watch for more changes over the coming weeks!

5 Responses to Welcome to the NEW wefrybread.com

  1. Diana Villa Munoz

    I ordered 18 of these popovers for my grandson’s birthday party and they were so good. I had so many compliments on the taste and thickness. All you have to do is fry them (which is quick and easy)fill them with your own ingredients buffet style and you will have some very happy guests. I will be ordering more in the future. Thank You to the owner and staff at wefrybread.

  2. Deb Blum

    Hi My name is Deb Blum. I am part of a corvette club at Sands Chevrolet at the 303 and Greenway Road. We have our annual car show scheduled March 24, 2013. The rain date is the following Sunday. This car show benefits Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We raised 20k last year and plan on doubling that this year. All vendor’s money is their’s to keep. I need vendors for breakfast and lunch. There is only a $50 vendor fee for you to pay as we pay for the permit and you need portable water for handwashing. Pleas let me know if you are interested. you can reach me via e-mail or cell at 9+602-410-6951. Thank you

  3. Roger Sorensen

    Congratulation to both of you. The article in the paper was sent to me by Crystal. I am currently stationed in the most NW corner of the continental US on the Makah Indian Reservation (next stop is the Far East). Fry bread is not as popular here as it was at my last posting on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon. One of the gals there had won the Worlds Fry Bread contest that is held in Oklahoma every year. I did not realize there was such variety in the preparation (when to add water, how much to knead, and stuff like that).
    On the Reservation, fry bread with all the fix in’s is called an “Indian Taco”. Looking forward to your first “Indian Fish Taco”.
    Hope to stop in the next time I make it down there.

    • John

      Roger, great to hear from you. Definately stop by the store when you are back here. I’ll check on that World Fry Bread Contest.

      • Garr Sadow

        Alice and John can Cook! Well I’m not sure about John, but the “Street Tacos” are awesome.
        Just another fabulous dish which must be tried.
        And Customer Service….it’s alive and well at We Fry Bread.
        Simply Great food.

        And a shout out to Christina, Vera, and the rest of the gang.

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