Our Restaurant  located at 59th Ave and the 101 is now Permanently closed Please go to our Website and find out our location  at Special Events,  Thank You


About us:

White Eyes Fresh Fry Bread was born from more than a decade old desire to manufacture and sell, freshly made bread at a high volume pace. The fry bread product was introduced to the owner, Alice Roach, while living on the Navajo reservation, near Ft. Defiance, AZ, in the 1990’s.

Alice, with help from her husband John, began her experience in retail concession style sales began in the mid 1990’s. Initially, the fry bread was prepared by hand, on site, and sold at a local BMX track (Black Mountain) for bicycle race events. This traditional preparation was very labor intensive and highly specialized work. It soon became apparent to Alice that mass production techniques would have to be developed to offer the product on a large scale.

White Eyes embraced the challenge and have created the only frozen raw dough fry bread in the United States!

White Eyes has since added new team members including a gourmet dough manufacturer, a nationally recongnized chef, local and national commissaries in addition to new business lines.

White Eye continues to serve hot, fresh fry bread at events across the Southwest and are expanding their retail, wholesale and food truck presence!

Contact us today for catering, special events or to purchase fry bread!

Ron Kidder




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